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Email & Website

The IT consultants at Correct I.T Services can recommend and offer a wide range of email hosting solutions to you. Your firm may be growing fast enough that a corporate-scale email solution is a wise investment in your future . Also we can provide you with spam management solutions for your email . Correct I.T Services offers “one-stop” web services—from domain registration, web design and development to web hosting .

Internet Security

A hardware firewall, or router, protects a computer or network of computers by only allowing approved incoming traffic access to the computers. Software firewalls prevent both unauthorized incoming and outgoing data, but they consume valuable system resources like processor power and memory.

How do you decide between the two? Hardware firewalls are vulnerable to programs you may inadvertently download—keystroke monitors or Trojan horses—that surreptitiously send information out of your network to hackers, while software firewalls typically only work on one computer per license fee. An analysis of your network environment will allow the IT engineer at Correct I.T Services to suggest the right solution and provide the appropriate services .


Remote Access Management

Fortunately, there are viable software-based and hosted-service remote access solutions that can be used . Both types of remote access management systems offer you and your employees the ability to access your network from remote locations, and both take provisions for the security of your computer, your network, and your data. But which one is right for your .

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