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Complete Computer Care

Correct I.T Services can make your computer or network run at its peak efficiency with its maintenance and repair services. A computer health check and optimization eliminates unnecessary system “clutter” that interferes with your computer’s ability to do what you need when you need it. If your computer accesses the internet regularly, virus and spyware protection (and removal) safeguard your computer and information from malicious software, hackers, and phishers. Computer hardware and software upgrades ensure that your computers and employees operate at the highest possible level of efficiency and productivity.

With an standard operating environment( SOE ) development and rollout, you and your Correct I.T consultant decide what operating system and software package should be the standard for your network. Then we duplicate that standard operating environment on every computer on your network, so when you or your workers share files, templates, or data, you can rest easy knowing that compatibility will never be an issue. In the future, when you add additional computers to the network or replace existing ones, we can clone your original SOE so your new hardware seamlessly meshes with your network

Computer Hardware & Software

The fact of the matter is that there are potentially more IT “solutions” than problems. If you don’t have the time to devote to researching the right solution for your company, you could end up overspending your budget, or even worse, needing to upgrade your system within a few months. With Correct I.T services, you have a trusted IT partner who will make sure you find the best solution to your IT needs. Server technology is one field where the brand names do still have an advantage . We provide you with branded business server from a reputable company like HP, Dell, or IBM. In addition to our IT procurement services, we offer comprehensive IT outsourcing services for small to mid-sized firms looking to focus their energies on their core businesses .

IT Project Management

Whether you need to redesign your entire IT infrastructure or simply get a website up our qualified Project Managers can help you get the job done on time and on budget.


Research & Implementation of Hardware, Software

Every change you make to your LAN will impact the rest of your information technology infrastructure. Adding a branded server to handle increased database queries might save you money by reducing your need for powerful desktop workstations.  Similarly, upgrading to a new spreadsheet program might not make sense if you knew it meant you would also need to upgrade your presentation and word processing software.

Unintended consequences to your actions can cost you time and money, so it’s important that when you make an information technology upgrade you understand all the implications of your decision. With Correct I.T Services’ assistance, in the form of our hardware and software research services, you can learn what the consequences of your decisions will be, and then choose accordingly. We will discuss your plans with you, conduct research—including testing in a controlled environment when necessary—and report the impacts to you. Then we can assist you with the implementation of your hardware and software changes to ensure you get the results you’re expecting and no unintended consequences .

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